“17x 15“
Inspired by her love for her father and his passion for cycling. Cycling is the epitome of the outdoors journeys, of the interdependence of friends in a peloton, of the need for grinding efforts to reach a summit. In Colombia, the artist’s country origin, cyclists are admired and celebrated. Many with modest jobs and livelihoods, and without formal training, climb the steepest mountains with ease. Immortalized in Carlos Vives song “Yo conozco esa cara y conozco su alma, que no hay gente mas buena que yo haya visto en otro lugar. Es mi pueblo, es mi herencia”

The paintings have an initial value of $500 USD. This is an advance payment. The painting has a default size. After your payment, I will contact you to cover other details. The delivery time period is 4 to 7 days.



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