My biography

Karen G is a Colombian artist who currently lives in Indianapolis. She studied medicine at Libre University of Barranquilla and graduated in 1997. She combined medical work in her country with painting, which has always been her passion.

Among her recent works are the Macondo series inspired by Garcia Márquez’s “One Hundred years of Solitude”, Don Quixote where she used lively characters and geometric shapes, EnamorArt series, a celebration of love and unity, El Dorado, a series inspired on Colombian legends, and her last series, Metamorphosis.

Her work is full of vivid colors that balance the warmth of the tropics with the freshness of the winds of the northern hemisphere, captivating sparkles of crystals, stones and golden leaves, the indomitable human spirit and the magnetic beauty of the woman’s body.  Her art leaves you enthusiastic, happy, and longing for transcendence.  All of that reflects the attention to detail of a trained surgeon and the versatility of the artist from the land of magical realism.

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